Five top tips to supercharge your Facebook ad campaigns


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I have already shared lots of tips on how to make the most of your Facebook business page. Hopefully you have done all of these, so the next step is to take your page up a knot, and really engage with the right people through running targeted ads.

1. Target followers of similar brands.
I you are running a Facebook competition; one of the best ways to make sure you are targeting the right audience is to target followers of specific brands. This is helpful when you are trying to sell to the same customer base as other well-known businesses or if you are trying to target the customer base of other non-competing brands in your market. Using this filter is an easy solution when you do not know other details about your target audience such as age, likes, job titles, etc. To make it even more effective, create separate campaigns for each brand that you are targeting the followers of. That way you can create a more personalised and engaging message.

2. Use an eye catching image.
Make sure your ad stands out with a good use of colour, minimal text and great design!
It may not always be the best option to use a product shot. Instead you may want to use a relevant image that will catch people’s attention. As the image itself can’t contain more than 20% words, its main function is to grab attention.

3. Try using video.
Video has one of the highest engagement metrics on Facebook out of all the media options that you can use for advertising. Rather than a static image or text with a link, consider having some of your advertising creative as video content. This is a great way to boost engagement rates and show your brands personality as customers are more likely to spend time engaging with your brand through video.

4. Test several versions.
It’s always important to test several different versions of your ad with different photos, headlines, and text. Get creative with your ads and imagery. Try using different colours for different target segments and make sure to keep not of what works best.

5. Make sure you send them to the right place!
It’s best to create multiple advertising campaigns and landing pages. You need to test the messaging that attracts people’s attention and then converts them on the landing page. Create multiple landing pages, and then create multiple ad campaigns on Facebook. Mix and match the ad and landing page variations with the ultimate goal of getting a lower CPA (cost per acquisition). For instance, an ad might get a good click through, but for whatever reason people don’t buy when they get to the other end. Don’t mistake a good CPC for actionable and affordable business results.