15 top content ideas to help boost your social media engagement

social media ideas

social media ideas

Being active on social media is an essential part of all social media marketing plans; however, even the best content marketers can find it hard to come up with new and engaging content on a regular basis. In this post I am going to share a list of some of my top content ideas that will help anyone come up with great ideas for new content. Try one or two of them this week and save the list for later so you can avoid that drawing-a-blank moment when it’s time to post something attention-grabbing on social media.

1. Take a picture of your workspace
Giving people a look behind the scenes allows them to get to know your business, and build the type of trust you need to turn them into a customer.

2. Answer a question
You’re answering questions from customers every single day. Chances are a lot of the people who follow your updates on sites like Facebook and Twitter will have the same questions! Pick one question and answer it today.

3. Introduce you newest employees on social media
People love to see the people who make up your business or organisation. Social media is a great place to introduce new employees and make a more human connection.

4. Interview a customer
People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. One of the best ways to build that trust is to show real people using or talking about your products or services.

5. Share something funny
Entertainment is a big part of why people go on social media in the first place. Look for opportunities to have fun with fans and followers.

6. Share a TBT
“Throwback Thursday” is a trend on social media where users share an older image on Thursdays as a look back to an earlier time. You can post an image on any social network, and add the hashtag #TBT.

7. Post something seasonal
Adjust your social media posting schedule to reflect the time of year. If it is the start of Spring, show an image of something related such as the first flowers in your garden.

8. Create a blog
Create quality articles that will get people talking about them, and then post it on your social media channels. Blogs can be great to show that you are at the forefront of your business and an expert in your field.

9. Post a branded image
Post a funny or inspirational image with your logo or website URL on it.

10. Ask questions
Pose simple, basic questions that your followers can answer quickly. Create thought provoking and engaging questions based upon your area of expertise or industry that will produce great responses.

11. Create how-to guides
This works great for video, audio or blog posts. Niche articles are one thing but how-to-guides can stand the test of time.

12. Ask for your followers opinions
These are great for post topics because obviously everyone has an opinion and everyone loves exercising it at any chance they get. So why not give them that chance?

13. Highlight customer stories and testimonials
Let your customers do the marketing for you! Share the stories and experiences that your customers have had with your company for all to see. This will show your company from different perspectives and show others what they can expect when doing business with you.

14. Run a competition
Create a competition that is both engaging and simple, and make sure the prize in something people will want. Simplicity goes very far when it comes to online contests. When creating competitions make it mandatory that users like the page, and ask them to share your competition. Just be sure to follow the Facebook promotion guidelines.

15. Create a list
People love lists. A list of 20 sounds like the reader will get more of a value and be intrigued to click on your 20 step article! Tips work excellent with this as well.