5 top tips for using social media to boost your business

Shopping online and through mobile devices is the new norm, and the experience has become increasingly more social with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These buying habits provide small business retailers a wealth of opportunities to immediately grow their revenues through engaging with and reaching customers through social media. Follow my top 5 tips to help boost your business online.


  1. Get personal.  

Social media is a place for authentic engagements with customers and this can result in you reaching and gaining loyal, long-term customers. In addition to promoting product deals, you should use social media to share non-product related stories and content that will evoke positive emotions, show your brands personality and lead to sharing and engagement.

  1. Build Relationships

Social media allows you to build relationships with your customers in a way that big corporations can’t. Apple might not be able to reply to every tweet, but you can. Treat every interaction on an individual basis and as a relationship with a valued customer. At the same time, don’t be afraid to see what the big names are doing. Your business may be different in size and in the service you offer, but chances are the big names are doing something right with a similar group of people so don’t be afraid to try a called down version of the strategies that work.

  1. Highlight new offers and products

When buyers get the sense that there is excitement surrounding what you offer, they are more likely to want to make a purchase. By updating customers about upcoming releases, flash sales, limited-time offers, or special promotions, the sense of urgency and buzz around your products and services will turn a customer’s interest into want, and want into sales.

  1. Add an online store directly onto social media platforms.

You can optimise your online reach even further by adding a shopping cart directly onto your Facebook page, so your customers are able to shop and purchase without ever leaving Facebook. You also can add a store to your blog or any other online site where you promote and sell products. These tools tend to be mobile-responsive and adapt to any device, so you can ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers.

  1. Be patient

Even after everything is in place, you may not see big results right away. Don’t let that worry you.   You need to understand that a social media strategy is one that pays off over time. Be patient and eventually the results will speak for themselves.

Social media is no longer a possible route to grow your small business-it’s a requirement. Learning how to use it effectively has become essential. By becoming proficient in it, you’ll be able to grow your customer base and find success in a crowded market.