Nurturing sales leads through social media

Nurturing sales leads is the process of developing and encouraging relationships by utilising various social media channels and essential for all businesses in today’s selling game.

This can be done by giving prospective customers valuable, relevant and engaging information so that the prospective customer will become more aware of you and your business based on your knowledge off the industry.

The first goal of nurturing sales leads through social selling for any sales and marketing person is to support and educate prospective customers with the goal that in future they will convert to paying customers.

The second goal in the social media lead nurturing process is moving a prospect from just been aware off your product and services to one where they actually considering you as a serious seller whom they would consider making a purchase from.

Key factors in nurturing sales leads/ prospective customers on social media:

  • Be Consistent With Sharing Your Content :

It is vital to be constant on social media sites and continually sharing your content with your prospective customers. As you create your various content make sure that the content is useful and appropriate for the channel (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs).

  • Focus On Quality Content Marketing :

In order to achieve success in lead nurturing you must stand out from your competitors by creating quality content. It can be instructive, informative, educational, humorous, entertaining and inspiring. Great content not only achieves higher response rates but also can lead on into deeper discussions with potential customers.

Quality content marketing is about thinking from customer point of view. While other people are out there “Interruption Selling” and blasting out hard sales messages, focus on sharing content which adds value to the customer and shows off your knowledge and brand personality.

The greater part of lead nurturing on social media sites can be used to educate your audience through messages, whitepapers, site content, webinars, blog entries, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In time this content sharing and building a solid brand reputation will see an increase in your sales pipeline. The hard work pays off at the point when clients are prepared to engage with you in a sales discussion, and you are their first choice of contact.