Updated policy and a new tool for brands

Branded content on Facebook: Updated policy and a new tool

Facebook define branded content as any post – including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos and live videos – from media companies, celebrities or other influencers that specifically mentions or features a third-party product, brand or sponsor.

Today, they updated their policies so that publishers and influencers with verified Pages can collaborate with marketers to share branded content on Facebook through adverts or organic posts. They have also launching a new tool that makes collaboration on branded content easy and gives marketers more visibility into and control over all of their efforts on Facebook.


Updated branded content guidelines:

Facebook Pages terms and Adverts Policy now allow certain types of branded content on Facebook and require publishers and influencers to tag the marketer in the post to make it clear that the post is branded content. For example, a juice brand may work with a parenting blogger to have their brand or product mentioned in a post on Facebook, or a car manufacturer and a sports channel may create a collaborative post aimed at sports fans about the car. Publishers and influencers remain responsible for understanding their legal obligations to indicate the commercial nature of content that they post.


The branded content tool:

Starting today, Facebook will roll out a new tool that will enable publishers and influencers to tag a marketer in a branded content post. The marketer will be notified of the post and can access high-level post insights, including engagement and reach metrics, alongside total spend and CPM on the tagged post. Marketers also have the option of sharing and boosting the post to drive additional value.

For brands and marketers, the new tool will introduce more transparency and allow them to better understand how their marketing initiatives are performing across Facebook. Additionally, marketers can now leverage branded content creative for adverts and actively engage in sponsorships to ensure that their campaigns are useful, interesting and entertaining to their target audiences.


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