See the light about dark posts!

A Facebook dark post (also known as an unpublished post) is a Page post that will appear in News Feed but not on your Page. Unpublished Page posts are often used for creating News Feed ads that won’t appear on your Page. As one of the most underused tools available from Facebook, you might want to see how taking a different approach with your social advertising could seriously pay off with your marketing plan.


Why Use Facebook Dark Posts?

Dark posts are a fantastic way to advertise without alienating or annoying your followers.

For example, imagine that you sell four products and these products appeal to slightly different audiences and you’re not really sure of the most appealing call to action for each.

You want to advertise all of these products on Facebook and you’ve heard that news feed type sponsored posts are the best way to go. Traditionally, the only way to advertise those four products in the news feed was to create four status update kinds of ads and then refine your targeting to get the ad seen by the right audience. This then clogs up your newsfeed, with four sales messages, one after the other.

This is where dark posts come in! You can create news stream ads with the option of not publishing them to your news feed.

By employing this tactic you can run as many ads as you wish, even on the same day at the same time, without a single ad showing on your own news stream.


The main benefits:

1)      You can get super-targeted. With the ability to create as many ads as you want without spamming your followers, you can create incredibly targeted ads for each individual audience.

2)      You can do A/B testing. For example, you might change the image, headline, colours or call-to-action button. You can then use this to determine which variations have the highest click-through rates. The higher the CTR, the more money you’ll save on cost-per-click campaigns.

3)      You guide your organic traffic better. Because you can see if certain images or headlines work better, A/B testing enables you to use paid social ads to guide your organic social strategy. Once you’ve determined which combinations perform the best, apply them to your organic posts for better reach and engagement.

4)      You bypass ad-only streams. Ad-only Facebook streams are not only intrusive, but they tend to push away your audience. Facebook dark posts are niche and much more audience specific, so you don’t shout out the same CTAs to everyone through your feed.


How to create a Facebook dark post:

1) Go to Power Editor.

2) Click Power Editor at the top of the page and select Page Posts from the menu.

3) Choose the Pages dropdown on the left side and select the Page you want to create an unpublished post for.

4) Click the blue Create Post button.

5) Choose the type of post you want to create and enter the info you want to include in your post.

this post will


6) Select “This post will only be used as an ad”.

7) Click “Create Post. Keep in mind this post isn’t published yet. It’s saved in the list of your posts. If you publish the post on your Page, you’ll have the option to only show the post to specific languages and locations.

8) Once you’re ready to use the post, check the box next to it and select one of the options in the Actions dropdown.


Don’t forget – You should organise your adverts into different ad sets according to the promotion or the audience, just to keep things neat and easy for you to look back over. Also, don’t forget to monitor the performance of your adverts and make adjustments accordingly. 🙂