Get more website traffic now!

One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is how to drive more traffic to a business’s website. The majority of businesses have a website; however, it won’t do much good if no one knows it is there. Many small businesses rely on their website as their main or only marketing channel; however they don’t do enough to drive traffic to it. Used strategically, social media can be a fantastic solution to this common problem.

Social media marketing strategies to drive traffic to a business website range from the simple, basic things that every business should be doing, to the more complicated methods which may take more time, and expert help. To help give you a start, I am going to outline 5 of the basic things that every business should be doing. 🙂


1. Include your website address and information on all your social networks.

It may seem simple, but the first thing to do, which many businesses overlook, is include your website URL on all of your social media accounts. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, there is a specific place for your website URL.


2. Optimise your content for each platform.

Each social network handles images and text differently, so one great way to take advantage of this and add variety in your posts across different platforms is to vary the content in order to really add value. While you may post the same link to a page on your website on both Facebook and Twitter, vary the message and craft it specifically for the different audience on each network.


3. Actively monitor and engage with customers on your social networks.

By being proactive on your social networks you can reach out to potential customers in order to drive them to your website. Monitor what posts are getting the highest click through rates and what content your customer’s value.


4. Start a company blog.

One of the main problems a lot of businesses face in order to effectively drive traffic from social media to their website is a lack of new content to share. Having an active blog which is updated regularly provides you with an ongoing stream of dynamic content to share on social media sites.


5. Share links to your website.

Every time you share a link to your website on a social media account, you build links for Google to index. This helps to boost your ratings in search engine optimisation, as Google considers social media accounts to be quality sources.