7 simple steps to expand your Facebook reach and increase engagement

Are you a Facebook page manager who is frustrated by the lack of engagement and reach of your posts? Getting  likes, comments, and shares on your posts will help your Facebook page gain traction, reach more people, and it helps your pages future posts be seen. I have highlighted 7 simple steps that you can take to help ensure your future posts expand your reach and engagement!

1. Show your brands personality

Nobody likes a boring brand. Think of your presence on Facebook like a performance: you are there to enlighten and entertain, not just sell! Showcase your staff, post about quirky and funny things that happens at your workplace, or funny news in your industry. Try posting something fun and unexpected, instead of all sales spiel. Image quotes can be a great way to do this as whether inspirational or funny; quotes reveal a lot about a brands personality. If your fans relate to the image and caption, they will be quick to like and share it.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere and you need to learn how to use them to increase your reach. If you want to use hashtags on your business page, make sure they make sense, are relevant to your business and are something that people may actually be searching for!

If you are not totally clear on how to use hashtags for Facebook, check out my previous blog post on them here. 

3. Use call to actions

“Like this post if you love Shoes!”

“What do you think? Add your comment in the section below.”

Calls to action are a direct marketing tactic, and they’re a great way to get people to engage with your posts and share them with their friends, which will in turn increase your posts reach.

4. Post photos and videos

To get the most engagement out of your posts on your Facebook Business Page you will need to use photos and videos. Posts with either a photo or video receive 50% more engagement than those without the use of images or video’s.

5. Ask questions

Asking someone a question is a great way to engage that person. Asking your fans questions activates them, leading to greater reach for your page. The one trick with asking questions is for them to be short and simple. The easier they are to answer, the more answers you will get. Examples could be posting images of two products and asking which your fans like best “Which would you choose?”, or tell them a fact and ask a question at the same time, “Did you know Android phones outsell iPhones? Will you be buying a new phone in the next 3 months?”.

6. Use insights

For example, if you notice that posts with images have better reach and engagement than those that are text only, try posting more with images. Since Facebook is continually changing its edgerank algorithms, it can seem that just when you have figured out what is working best, something changes! To check which post are working the best for you, visit your Facebook Insights, click on Posts and order all your posts on Facebook reach. By doing this, it’s quite easy to find out which posts reached the most users.

7. Hold a like and share competition

Facebook changed their promotional guidelines last year, making it a whole lot easier for companies to post promotions and contests on their Facebook Page – and contests are a great way to improve your reach on Facebook!

Businesses are now allowed to collect entries by having users like or comment on a post and use likes as a voting mechanism.

You could, for example, post a competition like:

“Win a £50 shopping voucher! Like this post and let us know in the comments below why you should win. The comment with the most likes wins!
Let your friends know and share this post.”

The more users who like and comment on your post, the more users you will reach.