Top 5 blogs you should be reading

There may be a lot of digital marketing blogs out there – but one of the best ways to keep ahead of the game, and stay relevant, is by learning from influencers and leaders within the marketing community.

I have put together my list of the best digital marketing blogs that I feel are informative, entertaining, and essential reading for anyone involved in digital marketing. Some light reading to help the time pass on your commute to work or lunch hour! 🙂


The Moz Blog:

The Moz blog is undoubtedly one of the best to read if you’re looking to stay on top of industry news related to SEO or inbound marketing initiatives. Any good digital marketer understands the importance of SEO, and how ever-changing the guidelines, rules, and regulations associated with search results can be. The Moz blog covers everything you need to know with the right amount of detail to make it easy to understand without being overwhelming. Even if you’re a beginner with SEO, they put it across in a way that is pretty easy to get your head around.


Marketing Land:

Marketing Land provides a lot of quality content on different topics and industry news. From updates in content management systems, to new features on social media platforms, their posts are informative and relevant. Daily news coverage includes breaking stories, industry trends, feature announcements and product changes at popular platforms used by digital marketers to reach consumers online. The writers at Marketing Land often publish practical tips and strategies you can use in your own digital marketing campaigns.


Social Media Examiner:

As the name suggests Social Media Examiner dispenses useful advice on all things social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest and more. You can look forward to advice from social media experts on how to formulate an effective social media strategy for each channel. Blog posts and articles include expert interviews, innovative case studies, reviews of the latest industry research, podcasts and the latest social media news.


Content Marketing Institute:

Content is an essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign. The Content Marketing Institute offers some of the best advice around in terms of how content can help your brand. From industry trends to best practices, their posts offer helpful advice on how to create the best strategies for your business and how your content marketing should play a role in the “bigger picture.” While the site is full of practical, how-to guidance, you’ll also find insight and advice from the experts, and an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward.



What is great about Socialfresh’s posts is that many of them include alternative media embedded in them. Most of them are podcasts covering the topic of the blog post that it is within, but others include videos and speeches or presentations at various events. This is a great blog for someone who may not have the time to sit and read multiple articles at a time. This offers you more than one way to consume the content that the blog is providing. It’s an obvious choice to include some digital media in a blog that highlights digital marketing, and a welcomed alternative way to consume the information being presented. The diverse topics that are covered focus a lot on the power of social media and how the industry is evolving.



There are loads more utterly brilliant blogs out there that can help inform and guide you on your digital media path, so I suggest you bookmark your favourites and try to make time to check out new articles during a free half hour, or your lunch break. There is a goldmine of constantly evolving and new information out there!