Create calls to action for social media

I know one of the main points I like to get across in my blogs is that when you are posting on social media and creating content, it shouldn’t be too laden with overt sales pitches.


Having said that, we are all here to boost either sales, engagement or downloads. In order to do so, we need to have a clear and effective call to action. It is really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic calls to action (CTAs). Think about it: how many recent online purchases have you made in the past few weeks, or how many apps have you downloaded, or what have you subscribed to?


Chances are you were deftly guided through a clever use of language, visuals and a sense of desperate need (we have all regretted online purchase after the fact, wondering, why on earth did I buy that?).


Here are my top tips for creating calls to action which actually convert.


  1. Customise to suit each social media platform.

Each site works a little differently when it comes to CTAs. On Facebook Pages there are CTA buttons that are clickable and trackable.

On Twitter, one of the most effective calls to action is to ask for a retweet. You can read a full study on the most effective Twitter CTAs here.



  1. Think about your language.

As the name suggest, a call to action implies action! So what is it you want the reader to do? Using verbs such as discover, find, or explore can help draw visitors in with intrigue and nudge them towards the action you want them to take.

Crating a sense of urgency is great for a hard sales push, “Don’t miss out! Final offer!” or  “Limited numbers left” all make the person feel they must rush to get it now, before they miss out.



  1. Make it visual.

A good image is essential! People process images close to 60,000 times faster than we process words. If you aren’t grabbing people’s attention with graphics, you simply aren’t grabbing people’s attention.



  1. Have a clear value proposition.

What do people get for doing what you ask them to do with your call to action? If you don’t make the benefit clear to them, or the benefit isn’t worth their click, why would they bother? People are driven to do things based on incentive and rewards – so be clear and concise about how the reader will benefit. A good CTA will have a clear value proposition which answers the question, “What’s in it for me?”.



  1. Be concise

When it comes to CTA writing, clarity is key. Avoid using jargon and be wary of using humour unless it really suits your brand and is consistent with the overall tone of your social media presence – being witty in your CTA could come at the expense of being clear.




A well-crafted call to action can mean the difference between people seeing your content, and people buying/ engaging with your content. So have a play around, see what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to shout your message out loud and clear.