Scarily good Halloween marketing ideas.

Seasonal marketing is a fantastic way to keep generating interest in your brand from one holiday to the next and mix up your usual content.

Joining in on the Halloween fun will not only increase your search rankings, it will also show the world that your company can get into the spirit of things. In other words, your brand will be perceived as more friendly and approachable.

Here are some ideas to help your business to get into the spirit of Halloween.


1.Run a photo competition

For both adults and children, one of the most exciting things about Halloween is dressing up. Costume parties and trick or treating is not just popular among families with small children, but adults of all ages. So why not tap into that excitement?

Here’s one way you can do that: run a photo contest on social media. Encourage your followers to submit their fancy dress photos for a brand-related prize. You can even allow the same followers to vote for the winner, which will maximise engagement by prompting additional social shares.



2. Join in popular hashtags

As Halloween approaches, more and more users will begin to share their thoughts on the day, scary films, or fancy dress parties under popular hashtags like #Halloween, #creepy, #spooky, and so on. Your aim should be to join these hashtags with tweets, posts, and updates related to the conversations.

Don’t just join conversations for the sake of it tho, if your content doesn’t match up it can actually drive negative attention toward your business. Only look for hashtags and post content that actually make sense for your brand.



3. Get visual

To be successful on social media, great visuals make all the difference. During the weeks before Halloween, you can start to incorporate Halloween themed images and visuals into your posts. Handheld, shaky videos, low lighting, and off angles can all have a spooky effect that position your images and videos for the season.  One of the simplest ways to get your business in on the Halloween fun is to just incorporate popular Halloween symbols into your branding. You can add in cobwebs, spiders, witches, ghosts and so on, all to join in the Halloween fun.



4. Offer a treat

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to reward your customers and attract new business. Use special coupons to treat your customers that are only valid on Halloween, or include a special gift when someone purchases on the day of. This is a great way to drive additional traffic to your website.

giphy (1).gif


5. Show your staff getting in the spirt

If you use visual marketing channels like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, leverage this opportunity to let your hair down and show off your staff and company in a fun way. Why not get staff to dress up for the day, and take pictures from around your store or office, showing off their costumes and your decorations. Sometimes removing the focus from being about your products and putting it on fun instead can expand your relationship with customers, and show your company in a good light.