How to use great content to attract your ideal customers

When it comes to attracting your ideal customer, the old saying is true, when it comes to marketing, content is king.


Think about what happens when someone visits your website, sees your social media updates, reads your ezine or watches your videos.


Now answer the following 3 questions:


  1. Does it tell them who you are?
  2. Does it tell them what you stand for… the things that really matter to you?
  3. Does it give them a reason to switch from who they currently use to you?


The majority of small business marketing fails on not one, but all three of those questions. It fails to tell us who they are, what they stand for or why we need to leave our current provider for them.


If you want people to pay attention, take notice of your business, then your content has to answer these basic questions and put these messages across.



Remember who you are, and why you do what you do! 

You have a personality. Your business has one too: your way of working, your way of doing things. You have things you care passionately about and these should be reflected in the way you work. You have, or should be able to think of a multitude of great reasons why someone should hire you or buy from you. It’s that mix which will set you apart, help you to stand out, attract attention and inspire people to hire you.


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If you were asked to tell a story about your company, what would you say?  If your answer involves a business start date and some info about your products or services, you aren’t telling your story correctly. There’s so much more to a business than the information you can find with a Google search.

You aren’t just a photographer.  You are a wedding photographer specializing in beautifully artistic, documentary-style wedding photography for discerning couples. You don’t just own a bakery.  You’re sharing your passion for baking and award winning recipes with the world.

Think about what makes your business unique and what really motivates you to come to work every day and you’ll soon find your story.


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Look at your marketing copy and review your blog, newsletter, social media, videos… and so on. Make sure they communicate all that’s meaningfully different about you. When you do, your marketplace will have something to connect with. Those who value your message will be drawn to you. Do your thing, and if you’re dong it right, the customers will come! 🙂


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