Top Tips to Get More Facebook Likes

Most marketers know how to increase Facebook page likes through Facebook’s paid ad platform, but there are plenty of ways to grow your likes without spending any money on Facebook ads. 


  1. Develop a SMART strategy

As with any type of marketing, it is important to start with a strategy. A well-defined, SMART Facebook strategy based on your business goals and objectives will help you craft your brand presence on Facebook in a way that shows your customers your brand values and what you offer.


Define your target audience

Your strategy should aim to collect Likes from the followers who have the most potential to bring value to your business through regular engagement, not just random people who will never buy from you and are not in your target market.


Research the competition

Keeping an eye on what your main competitors are doing will help you see what techniques work, and also those that don’t. You’ll also start to get a sense of how many Facebook Likes you can aim for—both for your Page and for individual posts.


Set goals

Simply aiming for “more Likes” is not really a great Facebook marketing goal—how will you know when you’ve achieved it? Instead, you should create goals based on S.M.A.R.T. principles, meaning they’re specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.



  1. Make a fantastic page

This may sound obvious, but sometimes the most important points can be easy to overlook.  If you want to collect Likes, you’ve got to have a great Page and consistently great posts. Your Facebook Page is made up of many parts, and it’s important to make sure they are all complete, professional, and on-brand.


Use all elements of the About section

The About section of your Facebook Page allows you to provide key business details to people who are scanning for specific information. In addition to your contact information, you can add the date your business was founded, provide a company overview, add business hours, and even key milestones.


Choose captivating cover and profile photos

Your profile and cover photos create the first visual impression of your business on Facebook, so it’s important to choose wisely. Your logo is usually the best choice for your profile photo, but you can get quite creative with your cover photo selection.

Put some thought into how you can convey what your business is all about in one absorbing image. Do you have a great-looking product you can feature? Maybe you want to showcase a photo of your team. Whatever you choose, make sure it captures the essence of your brand.


Pin an important post

If you have a post that’s getting a particularly high number of Likes, you can pin it to maximise its lifespan. When you pin a post it remains at the top of your Page so people see it before any of your other posts. You can change your pinned post as often as you like, so make sure to keep it fresh, always featuring your best-performing content in this high-visibility location.

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  1. Make your Facebook Page easy to find

People can’t like your Facebook Page if they can’t find it! Here are some things you can do to increase your visibility.


Choose an easy-to-discover Page name

People looking for your brand on Facebook will be searching for your brand name. Keep things simple and make it easy for them to find you by using your brand name as your Page name.


Select a memorable username

Your username appears in your brand’s Facebook Page web address (make sure you customise this in your about section). A username that’s consistent with your handle on other social channels will make it easier for people who already follow you elsewhere to track you down on Facebook. Like your Page name, your username should be closely related to the name of your business.


Add Facebook follow and Like buttons to your website or blog

Make it easy for people who visit your website to connect with you on Facebook by adding Facebook follow and Like buttons to your site.


Aim for shares

Shared Facebook posts increase your organic reach, giving you a better chance of getting more Facebook Likes. A share also indicates that someone felt strongly enough about your content that they wanted to share it with their friends, giving you additional reach to an audience that may not already be familiar with your brand.

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  1. Post relevant, high-quality content

Facebook recommends you share “short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching images to get attention.”


Include great visuals.

Posts with photos receive significantly more Facebook Likes than text-only posts. If you don’t have a photo library of your own, there are plenty of free stock photo sites you can use.


Write great headlines

A compelling headline is key to getting attention for your post—but don’t veer into the realm of clickbait. Facebook offers these tips for crafting a great headline:

  • Make your headlines informative
  • Use your headline to set appropriate expectations about what the post contains
  • Be clear and accurate


Don’t be too promotional

Yes, you’re trying to promote your brand on Facebook—but people want their feeds to be entertaining and informative, not packed with pushy sales pitches.

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  1. Run a promotional giveaway

In a poll by the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of marketers said that interactive content (like contests) is better for grabbing readers’ attention than static content.

“Like this post” is a popular form of contest entry, and one that’s allowed under Facebook’s contest rules (unlike “share to win” contests, which, while popular, are technically prohibited).

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  1. Use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage

Understanding the Facebook algorithm is key to increasing your organic reach. This means getting your Page and your posts in front of more people who could potentially like your page. At its core, the Facebook algorithm quality content that is not overly promotional.

Facebook wants people to enjoy browsing their News Feeds, which means it wants to surface the best content to the top. Invest the time to produce valuable posts, and don’t spam people. Facebook specifically highlights authentic posts that inform and entertain as having value recognised by the algorithm.

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