Add some Christmas Magic to your social media

Christmas marketing campaigns by the major retail brands have become more elaborate by the year, with social media now playing an integral part. It may all seem a bit daunting to the smaller business, without the budget of John Lewis or M&S, but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your brand joins in with the spirit of things.

If you haven’t already prepared your social media to include some festive cheer and holiday fun in order to trigger Christmas shopping, I’ve put together some top tips that will make your social media joyful and merry just in time for the holidays.


  1. Update your profile picture and cover image

Something that almost any business can do quickly and easily is update their branding with a bit of festive flair. Adjust your logo and social media profile pictures to include elements associated with Christmas.

Your Cover Photo should always primarily represent the values and personality of your brand, but if you want to get your audience in the season spirit you have to change it to reflect the holiday season. People are browsing social media more than usual so fresh Cover Photos will motivate them to check your social media and look for special offers or gift ideas.

Upload similar holiday-themed cover images to all your social media accounts to create consistency across all your platforms.




  1. Create a Christmas offer or promotion

Christmas is one of the biggest buying seasons of the year during where most retailers earn as much as 20% of their annual revenue, so a lot of effort is placed into attracting buyers to choose a particular brand.

Messages such as: one day only, limited quantity sales, buy-one-get-one free, special discounts or holiday coupons are just some of the offers you could use.  To call attention to the message and make it seasonal make sure you place text on a Christmas themed background, but not one that is too distracting.

Accentuate your design with snowflakes, bows, presents, Santa and so on.



  1. Share the Christmas magic

People love to get swept up in the joy of Christmas; you can play on the magic and nostalgia of Christmas in the most social of ways – engage with your audience by asking them what their favourite part of Christmas is.

You can start by creating posts that ask people what’s their most memorable Christmas moment, favourite holiday food, best part of Christmas: opening presents, dinner, playing board games with the family, or walks in the snow.

If you are in a business that can benefit from recipe posts, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about food during the festive season. Share recipes or cooking tips, ask fans to share their own or to post a review once they make your dish.



  1. Do a Christmas Email Campaign

The holiday season is a good time to boost your email marketing strategy, with a focused campaign to highlight specific products and offers and to share important information relevant to the season, such as extended trading hours.

A “12 Days of Christmas” campaign might seem clichéd, but it lends itself very well to time-limited offers, and the ability to create a sense of urgency. This works particularly well if you have a large mailing list, you can get away with emailing your customers a new offer every day. Alternatively, you can style it like an advent calendar, with a new surprise offer every day.

The subject line of your marketing email messages should always stand out and encourage your subscribers to open the message. But over the holiday season you need to put in an even greater effort; your competitors, like you, will be increasing their marketing efforts, putting more demand on customers attention and time. You should definitely be more creative with your subject lines but refrain from being too vague about what is in the message – where possible be very specific about any offers. Some examples:

  • Yule adore our wrapping tips!
  • We’re feeling very merry. Get 50 percent off your order.
  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Our Christmas Shop is Open.
  • Up to 50% bonus — ’tis better to give AND receive!
  • Merry🎄 — We got you a 🎁!
  • Our Holiday Gift Guide is here.

This idea is great for any business with a well-maintained email database, but don’t worry if you only have a few subscribers – it can easily be adapted to a social media campaign.



  1. Keep up the momentum

If you are tempted to think that Christmas Day is a good time for giving your social media accounts a rest, think again. Your audience will be logging in to their profiles to wish family and friends happy holidays and share their holiday pictures, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to send out a “Merry Christmas” message from your business.

Scheduling messages for over the Christmas period, even if you’re away from the office, will show your followers that you care. But don’t rely on automated postings. Make sure your social media channels are being managed by a human being to ensure you can monitor mentions and engage with followers. Once Christmas is over, use the momentum you’ve created during the festive period and build on it by keeping conversations going and posting regularly.