How to grow your mailing and customer list

Every small business owner with a ezine, podcast or blog started off with a tiny audience – probably just them and their friends.


So what’s the secret? How do you start with just a few followers and build that into a loyal following?


The secret is hard work! Putting in the time and effort so that your customer base/ fan base grows. The businesses with big lists do their best work and turn up regularly, even at the start when they have just 10 people, because they know that’s the only way to build up to an audience of 1000 people or even 100,000 people.


The only way to successfully grow an audience or list is to treat your work as if you already had the numbers you wanted. Write or vlog with as much passion and commitment as you would if you knew there were 10’s of thousands of people about to read or watch what you have produced.


Some top tips to get you started on the right path:

  • Put in the effort. Set aside time that is specifically for developing and publishing content.

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  • Keep up the momentum.  If you have a newsletter which you only publish once a month, it will take a lot longer to build your list than a weekly newsletter. If you have a blog and you only publish once a week, it will take a lot longer to build your audience, than if you publish several times a week.

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  • Learn what kind of information your marketplace needs and wants. A great way to do this is to look at questions they ask in relevant forums or on social media.

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  • Make your work easy and interesting to read / watch / listen to.

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  • Make it easy to share. This is essential if you want your list to grow.

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  • Never add anyone to your list who hasn’t signed up or given consent.

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