Sincerity on Social

Optimising your posts, making yourself and your work easy to find, getting followers, getting subscribers, advertising… on social media you might think these are the be all and end all – but do you want to know what the most important aspect of your social media should be? …




As more and more people jump on the social media bandwagon, and with more and more celebrity influencers and guest bloggers being paid to promote content, one of the most important aspects for followers now a days, is that you are sincere in your posts.



We have all seen the celebrity-chasing, obnoxiously desperate follow-for-follow posts and click bait headlines, and guess what? Your audience are just as turned off and as sick of them as you are! I for one would much rather read a post or a blog that is written in a heartfelt, sincere and mature tone of voice, and I’m not alone!

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The majority of people can tell when someone is being dishonest or fake. Maybe not consciously, but we feel turned off by people who are fake, people who try way too hard, or people who always seem to be lying. People don’t like a sales spiel, cheap tricks or gimmicks.

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Social media is flooded with click-bait and content with headlines that follow a formula for maximum clickability and maximum SEO friendliness, after a while don’t you find yourself not clicking on those Buzzfeed and local newspaper stories  anymore? I know I don’t! While the headline may sound fascinating, I know that whatever is inside that article is not going to be nearly as interesting as the headline itself.

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We seem to have forgotten the point of social media is in the name, “social”. Be yourself; be true to your business ideas and  show your personality. You don’t have to do any dirty marketing tactics, buy followers, or badmouth a rival business. Don’t look at social media like it’s an impersonal shopping centre; think of it as a market stall, where you can talk to your customers  and hear their thoughts and opinions.

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