Engage with your customers/ fan base by thanking them!

We all know that first impressions are important. Marketers spend a huge amount of time on improving that first impression. We build beautiful websites, gorgeous campaigns, and pick words specifically to capture interest that very first time a consumer finds them.


But what happens after prospects convert to customers? Are you spending as much time improving your “thank you”?


Here are some top opportunities when you can thank and engage with your customers:


Thank You For Signing Up

This is probably the most common opportunity for a brand to say, “Thanks!” The sign-up confirmation message is usually displayed either on-page or in an overlay, and hopefully also reinforced in a follow-up email. Take this opportunity to delight your customer. Someone signs up because they want to be a part of what you are building, so you owe them a great first handshake.

Kate Spade Thank You
Kate Spade thank you for signing up


Thank You For Sharing

Most social sharing widgets on site don’t have a “Thank you for sharing!” message. So when people share your content you should take time every week to go onto social media and simply thank your customers and fans for sharing. It’s amazing what a long way a simple “thank you” can go.

Tweet at them or jump in on the comments on Facebook and let them know that their share was really helpful in getting the word out. Relationships are based on these authentic touch-points between people, so don’t take their support for granted.

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Thank You For Referring

When one of your customers or community members refers a friend to your service or brand, a thank you seems intuitive… but time and time again, brands forget. To advocate on behalf of a brand is a big deal. It’s a public vote in your favour, so you owe these customers not only a thank you, but possibly even more. Many companies offer incentives for referring a friend, such as a discount on your next purchase.



Thank You For Your Support

Chances are that you have a few super followers on social media who support your every move. They share/ retweet your new posts, they give feedback on your products, they review you online, and they boast on your behalf.

You need to be thanking them sincerely and often. This is your online community and you should do something that shows them just how special and appreciated they are, such as running a giveaway just for your existing fans.



Thank You For Your Feedback — Good & Bad!

Customer feedback is the livelihood of brilliant businesses. The bigger and more utilized your feedback loop, the more successful your company will be. You need to keep a close eye on what they need, what they are liking, what they want to see more of, etc. You may already be doing this — but have you thanked them for this feedback?

Thank them with handwritten cards from your product team, special discounts, or an email that simply says, “We exist because of people like you.” Whether the feedback is positive or critical, it will help you improve your brand and become more successful. Saying “thank you” ensures that feedback will keep coming in, and those customers will know that the time they give you is appreciated.



Thank You For Being You

There is a new bar in customer engagement called “random moments of delight.” Thanking customers, community members, and fans randomly (and in fun ways) can go a long way. It creates a personal relationship between brand and person. It gives the brand a chance to show some personality and really just engage in “karma marketing.”

Examples of this type of campaign might include sending an email when it’s a customer’s “anniversary” with you or when they’ve logged in a certain number of times. Or, you could simply create a campaign on some random Tuesday to say, “You’re the bees knees and we wanted to say thank you.”

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If you aren’t quite sure where to start, keep these tips in mind:


  • Be authentic. Thanking someone is a shared experience between two people, or in this case between brand and customer. Make sure it’s real and honest.


  • Make it visual. Add beautiful design to these pages/emails, and innovate on the user experience to make it memorable. Add a video or a collage of real photos for an added visual touch.


  • Make it personal. Get their name to auto-fill in, reference their personal profile and thank them for their specific behaviours. Segment the groups to keep the campaigns as personal as they can be, at scale.


  • Give it humour. A thank you doesn’t have to be serious. Interject fun to keep those moments of delight flowing.


  • Don’t ask for anything — just say thank you. Resist the urge to drop in an upsell or lead capture. Say thank you to say thank you. It’s that simple.


Thanks for reading 😉

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