Digital Marketing for Engineering/ Construction Industries

Marketing engineering and/or construction services is very different than other types of marketing, the focus of marketing is lead generation and winning projects. In these industries, getting across the mix of tradesmen and scientist, business sense and intellect along with personality is key to the marketing strategy. Marketing strategies should make your services easy to understand; they build brand exposure, promote your services, and create new business opportunities.


Here are 5 digital marketing strategies that will help transform your business:

1. Spend time developing your website

Your website may be the first port of call for many potential customers, so it is vital that it gives them all the information they need, along with the right first impression.

When developing your website make sure to remember tools like keyword-focused blogging, search engine optimisation and social media tie-ins. It may not always be possible to reach a large enough proportion of your audience organically, so you should explore using targeted advertising such as PPC, retargeting or social media advertising to put your message in front of potential clients who fit your ideal demographic.

Your website content shouldn’t just talk about how great your products and company are. It should be benefit led, to meet the needs of your customers, or solve a problem they’re having. You should also use your website and blog content to deliver hard to come by information, answer common questions or analyse the issues that impact your industry. No matter what kind of content you choose, be sure to keep it focused and relevant to your potential buyers.

Make sure your website is user friendly, with intuitive site navigation and a responsive design that fits screens of all desktop and mobile devices.

As well as clear website content and a good user experience, it’s also vital to think about what you want your customers to do on your website.  Give them a clear path from researching and gathering information to choosing your company and completing the project. Calls-to-action are ideal for signposting your website visitors to landing pages.

Make sure you use website analytics let you see what content gets the best response from your readers; any potential leaks where a lot of website visitors are leaving your site and also any performance issues that may be impacting your results.



2. Develop your value proposition through digital narratives and great content

As an engineering or construction firm, your greatest asset is your ability to skilfully solve complex industry problems in timely and cost-effective ways. That’s your competitive advantage, and ultimately how and why you land new business.

Differentiating yourself in a highly competitive landscape can be a significant challenge, especially when all of your competitors are pitching the same or similar service offerings.

So, how can you standout and make it evident that your firm is different?

Savvy firms have begun to embrace the power of digital narratives. In short, digital narratives are stories published and promoted online that are designed to shed light on viable solutions to complex problems. They’re effective because people are inherently drawn to stories. Stories are relatable, compelling, insightful, and prescriptive. They can be instrumental in how you go about differentiating your firm and generating new qualified leads.

Putting in place a successful content marketing strategy involves consistently and reliably generating unique and valuable content. Doing so amplifies your firm’s credibility, generates more leads and helps nurture them through your sales funnel over time. There’s more to content marketing than simply publishing “more content.” It’s about systematically building assets that educate your prospects and help inform your clients over time.

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3. Develop a blog

Blogging is not only fantastic for website SEO, it is also a great way to get leads and conversions.

Blogging can be difficult in the engineering and construction industries. It may be hard to find engineers who combine the technical knowledge and literary prowess to write in-depth blog posts. Then there’s time. How many of your engineers have time to write and complete their own tasks?

Remember, the content that goes onto your blog represents your company. Your customers will judge your writing skills and the relevance of the content you provide. So if it isn’t your area of expertise, consider employing a writer or outsourcing your content.

A great example of a blog catering to their target audience is the The Institute of Civil Engineering Blog.  The articles are well-written and well-informed and the ideas are simple and easy to understand. This is all down to targeting, if you look at the institute’s target audience, you’ll see they want to inspire the younger generation to embark on engineering careers. They therefore keep the language and ideas simple and easy to digest.



4. Promote your content with email marketing

Are you finding it hard to convince prospects with email marketing? Getting low open rates or not knowing your ROI can make it seem like a waste of time. This is where having a dedicated marketing manager comes in.

Marketers know how to persuade people and add creative flair to your services. You should also consider that as an engineer, your services may be high-value or you may sell in bulk. High-value investments require a lot of TLC, people don’t invest large amounts of money in something they know nothing about.

A successful company should always have an email marketing plan. A series of thoughtful, relevant, and engaging newsletters provides your customers with important content and free resources.

You should use targeted content to gain authority in your industry speciality. Offer unique content that advises and engages your readers. Keep in touch with all your leads and contacts, just because someone isn’t buying it doesn’t mean they’re a lost lead.

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5. Make the most of social media

Your marketing plan should contain a social media strategy. In an industry that isn’t known for outlandish flair and outward creativity, social media can give you something extra.

You must consider the style, tone and design of the content you post, as well as its format. Engineering and construction is a highly visual profession, you need to be able to see an end product before it hits the shelves or is unveiled at a grand opening.

For that reason, it’s no surprise than videos and images will suit your content feed. Engage your customers so they discuss, submit comments, and share your video. You can also include this content on your blog and website. Videos can be a fantastic way to show behind the scenes of your company, highlight the staff, what they do, and the process of what you make.

Push your industry insights and specialist engineering knowledge to other industry peers. This will increase your authority on social media channels and increase company interest.



In Conclusion:

When you combine your digital content marketing strategy with your traditional sales and marketing tactics, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The engaging content you consistently publish will complement your referrals as well as the conferences and networking events you attend. It will add up more productive face-to-face meetings, strengthen your reputation, and foster closer professional relationships based on trust.