Using LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is a fantastic social network for B2B marketers. Built specially for business networking, LinkedIn works exceptionally well for B2B lead generation, making it one of the top tactics for B2B marketing.

While LinkedIn is traditionally used as a networking platform for professionals and job-seekers, it also offers plenty of opportunities to market and grow your business. When you add LinkedIn to your marketing strategy, you can build targeted connections, generate higher-quality leads, reinforce relationships with prospects, and greatly improve your brand visibility.


For those who are wondering whether or not to invest time and resources in a LinkedIn strategy, here I share some quick tips to get your strategy started.


  1. Content is still King!

Professionals on LinkedIn tend to network with people that work alongside or within their industry. When you produce and share content that your connections want to see, they’re far more likely to engage with that content and become advocates who share your ideas with others. Make sure your content reveals how your product or service can help and benefit businesses you are targeting.



  1. Don’t be too sales-centric

Make an effort to split your content into 50% about your brand, 25% about the sector you operate in and 25% about issues and ideas connected to your business that also show your personality. People like doing business with other people, not faceless brands. Optimising your business page with awesome behind-the-scenes images and team photos adds personality to your brand that will set you apart from the competition.

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  1. Keep content coming

Posting at least once a day is best, but whatever frequency you decide on, stick to it and keep posting. Direct engagement and content-sharing on LinkedIn will continuously enhance the trust your followers have in you. This makes it easy to reach out to your entire network and prompt them to join your email list to receive updates whenever you publish even more valuable content.

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  1. Get employees onboard

Make sure that team members and other employee advocates engage with and share the content you posts, this can help to seriously expand your organic reach. If you have a sales team, include them in your marketing strategy. Don’t rely on LinkedIn just for sourcing leads and hard selling. Instead, encourage your sales team to become content marketers.

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  1. Make the most of your testimonials

As you build your presence on LinkedIn, you can begin leveraging user-generated content to promote your brand. The customers you’ve worked with in the past can provide testimonials that make your brand and individual team members stand out.

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  1. Go hunting

Use LinkedIn’s own search facilities to find potential buyers and identify what their wants and needs are to help target your LinkedIn advertising campaigns further. LinkedIn offers a lot of data, which makes it easy to find and engage the right audience.



  1. Review your analytics

Use your company’s analytics page to identify your best-performing posts so you will know what works best for your audience.

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To get the most out of LinkedIn you will need a clear objective and a plan for how to get there.

What do you want to get out of your content publishing and activity on LinkedIn – more leads, increased traffic to your website, better-targeted engagement, more authority in your field?

There are countless ways you can use LinkedIn to make your B2B content marketing strategy that much more dynamic, connected, and worthwhile to your target audience. Focus on using the features that work for your organisation’s content strategy and you’ll see serious results. 🙂