If you are starting your digital marketing from scratch, in order to develop a strategic digital marketing plan for your business, I will follow these main stages:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Undertake a competitor analysis
  • Set objectives (such as – raising awareness of your brand, improving sales, improving customer retention, etc).
  • Plan your tactics – once I have completed the top-level strategy including your overall objectives, I will identify the best marketing tactics to use for your business. The plan can also cover any other non digital marketing activities that are being undertaken.
  • Agree a budget – careful budgeting allows you to prevent costs spiralling out of control such as the cost of PPC ads.

Planning – situation analysis

I will carry out a thorough situation analysis in order to describe the context in which your digital marketing will take place. This will include an analysis of your business’ internal (micro) and external (macro) environments.

Internal considerations include:

  • Customers
  • Market, and any trends in this
  • Current online proposition
  • Competitors.

External considerations could include:

  • Social – how changing consumer attitudes could affect your approach
  • Legal – for example: complying with digital marketing laws, such as data protection
  • Environmental – for example: making sure your approach is ethical and sustainable
  • Political – how local or national government could impact on your plan
  • Technological – how advances in technology could affect your marketplace.

Planning – strategic analysis

I will carry out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis in order to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business’ capabilities, and any opportunities and threats to your business. Once I have identified all of these, I can assess how to get the most out of your strengths, minimise the effects of your weaknesses, make the most of any opportunities and reduce the impact of any threats.

Planning – tactics

In the tactics section of your digital marketing plan I will describe how best to implement your strategy, and define the channels and tools that I will use. This will define what I hope to achieve by using each tactic, how this relates to the main objectives, and how you I measure performance.

This will include:

  • The reasons why I have chosen each channel and details of implementation
  • The customer segmentation that I will use and how each channel will be targeted
  • A summary of the metrics that I will use to measure performance for each channel
  • What key performance indicators I will use to assess performance.

It is important to note that planning for digital marketing may not necessarily mean starting from scratch. Any online and digital communications strategy must be consistent and work with the overall marketing goals and current marketing efforts of your business. I will work alongside you to ensure that a fully comprehensive and all encompassing strategy is put in place.

For a free consultation and more information on how I can help your business please do not hesitate to contact me.